How They Make Money

It seems that certain people just have a knack at making money. You may think that there's a secret that they possess that you do not have. The only thing they have that you do not is the courage to take a risk. Not only that, people who're making money and a great deal of it aren't afraid of a small hard work and sacrifice in order to reach their ambitions. The only thing holding you back from learning how to make money is yourself.

QUESTION: money is good for what?money
  • Money is good for a lot of things. I don't think anyone would be able to live a comfortable life if there was no money at all. However, there is a saying that money is the root of all evil.That is true because a lot of people do anything just to get money. From working extra hours to arm robbery, killing and whatever vices you have in mind. People do not care whatever they do to earn it. Money is what that keeps us healthy and living. But the sad thing is that people tend to abuse it since they think they have it in abundance. Of course i know you have to enjoy whatever you had to sweat for, but at least lets everyone do it in moderation. Now, the bad thing is that people use their excess money to play with the lives of others which is lawfully wrong. If you ask me, money is good for a lot of things but we have to conscious of how we us it. Money is Good you know.
  • To live and provide for loved ones.
  • buying things
  • Trading for necessity. Or greed.

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